Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mooli Paratha (Indian bread with radish)

Utter the word mooli (radish) and all eyebrows will rise in a frown in synchronicity. Well! I cant blame the people and cant rant about the so called health benefits of the poorer cousin of the carrot. The odor of the veggie itself is strong enough to repel any living person. And trust me even if you lay your hands on a radish recipe, the whole house will reek of its smell. Even a room freshner will feel shy to act against its enemy.

But there are clever ways where you can use the veggie and enjoy its flavour. The best way is to mask the strong flavour with other ingredients and give it a whole new look.Phir to tummy bhi khush aur mummy bhi khush). So here is one of my favorite parathas....a mooli paratha in all its goodness.....Do not frown but instead try...


2 cups wheat flour
1 cup soyabean flour ( optional)
1 cup grated radish (squeezed of all juices)
1 tsp ajwain
2 tbs grated ginger
1 tbs finely chopped green chilies
2 tbs finely chopped green coriander leaves
1 tbs oil
Oil for frying

Method:  Take a bowl and mix in all the dry 
ingredient like the flour, salt, ajwain, chopped green chillies, green coriander leaves, ginger and oil, Give it a good mix. Now add the grated radish and knead without water till all the remaining moisture of the radish is taken up by the flour. You can use the squeezed juice of the radish if you want. Add water only if needed. The dough will be little on the sticky side but that is ok. Do not let the dough rest more than 8-10 min as it will becomes too sticky to roll. If that happens just dust with little dry flour. Make medium balls and roll into a chapatti. Cook on medium flame using oil as the regular paratha and serve with your favorite pickle and chutney.  I sometimes grate some cheese in the dough to get that cheesy flavor. Try it if you want.

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